12 words that drive Russians crazy

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The words below come from a Google search of Какие фразы и слова вас бесят?, or What words and phrases drive you crazy? 😉 They’ve been categorized and explained here for your amusement.

Here’s a preview:


love you Russian



not cool Russian cat


Russian slang



7 things you might actually hear spoken out loud:

#1. Пасибки! = overly cute version of спасибо

#2. Приветики! = overly cute version of привет

#3. Покашки! = overly cute version of пока (I tried this out on my husband. Reaction: Whaaat? No, just please don’t. Ever. It sounds too much like какашки.)

#4. Покеда! = another take on пока (Husband: This one is better.)

#5. Споки-ноки! = overly cute version of Спокойной ночи!

spoki noki


#6. айс/не айс = comes from a series of commercials (this one and this one). Айс here means “good” or “cool”.

ice ne ice


#7. вкусняшка = something tasty, about as annoying- and common!- as English’s “nom nom”.




5 slang terms from text messages/online chats:

#1. мну = я, мне, меня.

#2. лафки = love.

#3. лю тя = люблю тебя.

#4. тп = put politely, this abbreviation refers to a girl who’s acting like this.



#5. Чмок тя! = Mwuah! A kiss for you!

russian kiss




One site that’s fun for word battles is lovehate.ru. Here’s a showdown between the fans and haters of the phrase Чмок тя:

Чмок тя good

Чмок тя bad




Now I turn it over to you: какие фразы и слова тебя бесят?


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  1. Teango
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    Haha…when I heard “покашки”, the very same thought (какашки) came to mind! I can’t think of any particularly annoying words or phrases that I’d want to put on my literal hit list (as a non-native speaker, I tend to love the sound of everything in Russian so far). However I do recall how much Камиль hated the word “шмоки” in the film “О чём говорят мужчины”, so perhaps this combined with your “споко-ноки” could be rendered into a loving yet lethal goodnight combination, e.g., “шмоки-шмоки, споко-ноки!”… 😉

    • Teango
      | Reply

      Oops…I meant “споки-ноки” back there (after all, got to get these things right!) 😀

      • Katherine

        :p I’ll try that one out on the husband tonight and monitor his reaction!

  2. Dave
    | Reply

    I had a good laughter 😉

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