5 Russian words that start with вв-

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Russian words with repeated letters are fascinating! They look so exotic:

  • ссора quarrel
  • осенняя autumn 
  • длинношеее long-necked

and sometimes terrifying:

  •  жужжать to hum or buzz 

… but honestly, I usually don’t know what to do with that extra letter, especially if it’s at the beginning of the word.

The trickiest of all are the words that start with вв. Do I need to say в twice? Or just make a really long в sound? I’ve asked my husband for help on this matter and you might find it useful too. His answer: “It depends, but usually you just make the sound longer.” To hear this put into practice, we’ve recorded an audio file of the Russian words and phrases in this post. All of the phrases come from a Google search of news headlines. (If you don’t see the audio file below, click here.)


1. вверхup, upwards (adverb)

Руки вверх!

Hands up!

7 километров вверх

7 kilometers up

Цены на продукты питания пошли вверх

Prices for food have gone up



2. ввек = never, forever (adverb)

This word is not very common (for example, it’s almost never used in the news) but I think it’s really easy to remember so I’ve included it in the list.

When used before не + verb, it’s never:

Ввек не забудем

We’ll never forget

Ввек не забуду вас!

I’ll never forget you!

Otherwise, you can think of it as forever:

Что есть, то было, будет ввек

What is, what was, what will be forever

Я буду помнить ввек

I’ll forever remember 



3. ввиду = because of, due to (preposition)

…ввиду падения спроса

due to a drop in demand

ввиду падения криптовалют в начале 2018 года

due to the cyrptocurrency crash at the beginning of 2018

… ввиду ухудшения отношений с Западом

due to worsening relations with the West

Вчера американские рынки были закрыты ввиду празднования Дня президентов в США

American markets were closed yesterday because of Presidents Day


(Caution! There’s also в виду, as in иметь в виду, to have in mind: Что ты имел в виду? What did you have in mind?)



4. ввозить = import (verb)

Какие авто могут ввозить в Украину без пошлины?

Which cars can be imported into Ukraine duty-free?

Какие продукты нельзя ввозить в Россию из-за рубежа?

Which products can’t be imported into Russia from abroad?

С 1 июля в Беларусь можно будет ввозить не больше 5 кг овощей и фруктов.

Starting July 1st, no more than 5kg of fruits and vegetables can be imported into Belarus.



5. вводить = enter, impose (verb)

Вам снова вводить свой пароль не нужно

You don’t need to enter your password again

Владельцы Mastercard смогут вводить биометрические данные для покупок

Mastercard owners will be able to enter biometric data for purchases

Евросоюз намерен вводить санкции за кибератаки

The EU is ready to impose sanctions over cyberattacks

Госдума РФ не планирует вводить налог на криптовалюты

The Russian Duma is not planning to impose taxes on cryptocurrencies




What words do you know that start with вв? Leave me a comment below! 🙂

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