6 more really long Russian words

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I’ve been translating A TON of documents lately, which means lots of fascinating words. Last month I had a huge assignment that had all kinds of interesting stuff, like “after taking this medicine, работа кишечника будет полностью восстановлена(bowel function will be fully restored) and опухоль (tumor). Or maybe that’s not so interesting… you can decide. But while translating, I’ve been keeping an eye out for unusual words- new post coming soon!- and long words. Really, really long words.

In my mind, the Russian language has an affinity for really long words. Sure, there are plenty of nice, short words like пир (feast),  дым (smoke), and лупа (magnifying glass), but who can forget walking into Russian class on the first day and learning that the formal word for hello (здравствуйте) has 12 letters?! I think I’ve been holding a grudge ever since then. 😉

What’s the longest word you’ve seen in Russian? Here are my 6 most recent finds:

13 letters → размахивающий = present participle. waving

14 letters → пресмыкающееся = neuter noun. reptile

14 letters → единомышленник = masculine noun. like-minded person

20 letters → сельскохозяйственный = adjective. agricultural

24 letters → высокоспециализированный = adjective. highly-specialized

26 letters → эзофагогастродуоденоскопия = feminine noun. esophagogastroduodenoscopy (It’s 26 letters in English too!)


Leave me a comment below with the most daunting Russian word you know!


PS: Want even more really long Russian words? Read the original crazy long Russian words!

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  1. J.T.
    | Reply

    Может, “разочаровывающий” (16 букв) или “достопримечательности” (21 буквы).

  2. Grace
    | Reply

    женоненавистничество !

    • Katherine
      | Reply

      Спасибо, я не знала это слово! Great example of a long word! It’s actually much clearer in Russian since it looks like it breaks down into жен + ненависть + noun ending.

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