6 more TV shows in Russian

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In the last post on Russian-language TV shows (read it here), we covered adaptations of popular US shows, trashy reality TV, and a few good comedies. Here are 6 more shows you might enjoy…


Love history and scandal?


Watch Catherine the Great go after the throne in this 2014 mini-series. The show’s slogan: «Я буду царствовать или погибну…», “I’ll rule or die trying…”

Мата Хари

I haven’t watched this new show yet, but it looks insanely gorgeous! It’s also available in English (trailer here.)



Fan of crime dramas?


This Ukrainian-made series features a detective whose powers of deduction are thanks to his… nose? My husband watched this show and really enjoyed it. (If you have Netflix streaming, you can also watch here. Also, Amazon Prime will let you watch the first season for free.)

Обратная сторона Луны

A man suddenly finds himself transported into the body of his father, a cop in the Soviet Union. From my husband: “It’s even better than Нюхач!”




Enjoy comedies?


The story of an overweight Russian university student who wakes up one day to a miraculously skinny body, allowing her to pursue the guy of her dreams. In the classic Cinderella twist, though, her body keeps changing back by the end of the day.


Слуга Народа

They say this is a comedy… I’m not sure. I only watched the first episode, so maybe it gets funnier later? This is the story of a Ukrainian high school teacher who suddenly becomes the country’s president. Can he really get rid of the corrupt oligarchs that now surround him, or is he destined to become one of them? (Also available in English on Netflix here.)



Have you seen any of these TV shows? Do you have a favorite Russian TV show? Leave me a comment below! 🙂



PS: Going back to Netflix, here’s how to search the site for movies and shows that you can watch in Russian: Browse -> Audio & Subtitles -> Audio – Russian.


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  2. Brett Phillips
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    Great list! I don’t get as much time as I like for watching Russian serials, but here’s one I stumbled across by accident and LOVED it. So funny and fairly easy to understand.

    It’s called Патруль and is about cops in Kazakhstan (though it’s all in Russian). I’m sure if you watch the first episode, you’ll keep watching.



    • Katherine
      | Reply

      Cool, thank you, Brett! 😀 We watched the first episode last night. I like how they use Kazakh in some scenes- it sounds neat. And none of the cops ever use seatbelts, haha. :p Glad to see you’re still keeping up with your Russian!

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