Russian Roundup – September 2021
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Welcome to a very quick roundup. 🙂 I haven’t had much time for Russian this month. My husband and I restarted our Chinese lessons on Skype, which kind of counts as Russian practice? It’s two solid hours a week of … Read More

Russian Roundup – August 2021
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Tomorrow is the first day of fall in Russia. The hot days of summer are already gone, and I am sooo happy about it! After moving cities, the month was filled with mundane tasks: unpacking boxes, buying a fridge, signing … Read More

Russian Roundup – July 2021
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Summer is high season for children’s camps in Russia. Although I don’t usually work with young kids, I couldn’t escape it this time. 😂 To be fair, they were adorable. And I quickly realized that if I worked more often … Read More

Russian Roundup – June 2021
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It’s real summer now, and Russia is again entering into unreasonably hot days. There’s a 35C (95F) band of weather that keeps bouncing between the Urals and European Russia. Moscow and St Petersburg just made it through an unpleasant heatwave, … Read More

Russian Roundup – May 2021
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Tomorrow will be the first day of summer in Russia and we’ve already hit 36C (96F) here, wow!🥵 When our apartment turns into an oven, it’s hard to be productive. Language learning took a serious nosedive in the heat. Luckily … Read More

Russian Roundup – March 2021
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Winter is melting away here as the temps climb from -3C to +7C. Here are some photos I took before the thaw arrived… To the roundup! что интересного почитать Beautiful March 8th greetings from Russia’s Khakassia Nature Reserve. Also: в … Read More

Russian Roundup – February 2021
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Привет from Chelyabinsk! Today is the last day of winter in Russia… although it’ll probably still look like this outside tomorrow. This month we tried something new: a Virtual Vodka excursion to St. Petersburg. When covid started keeping everyone at … Read More

Russian Roundup – January 2021
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January in Chelyabinsk: Maybe it’s the cold temperatures. maybe it’s the covid situation, but I think I spent most of January indoors on zoom. The good news: a lot of it was in Russian! Two hours a week of Chinese … Read More

Russian Roundup – December 2020
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Поздравляю вас с наступающим Новым годом! This month I listened to a Товарищ иностранец podcast about fashion and watched the first episode of the реалити-шоу «Разведёнки». I learned the meaning of the word рыгаловка. Thankfully, not from personal experience! (Hint: … Read More

Russian Roundup – November 2020
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It’s Black Friday time in Russia…. which means stores are advertising a variety of colorful sales. There’s Чёрная пятница. There’s Белая пятница. There’s even Золотая Пятница! The country also celebrated Mother’s Day (Sunday, Nov 29th) and has started hanging up … Read More

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