Привет всем!

I’m Katherine and I’ve been studying Russian for… [brace yourselves]… twelve years.

It’s been a very long conquest (had to take Russian 101 twice after failing it the first time) but worth every single battle with every single noun declension.

Actually, all those endings still get me tied up in knots. This language has a billion things to remember: gender, cases, the weird sound of ы, verbs of motion for every possible direction / mode of transportation, and a complete disregard for word order. But who cares? Let’s have fun with it! : )

Nothing beats a semester abroad in Siberia… in winter! 😉



My personal blog: 8 Months in Ukraine (stories from our 3 years in Kharkiv, Ukraine and our life now in the US)

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  1. Steve
    | Reply

    Sounds like fun. Drop me a line, would enjoy chatting with you.

    • Katherine
      | Reply

      Thanks, Steve! I’ve been peeking in at your blog for a couple years now, ever since we lived in Ukraine.

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