Interview: Education in Russia

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Last year I read a book about Russian moms. Although the book itself wasn’t spectacular, the chapter on school was full of interesting stuff. Schools in Russia – especially high schools – are no joke! Even understanding all the available … Read More

Sightseeing in Kazan

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Here it is, the word that makes everyone learning Russian tremble in fear… Достопримечательности. It takes a while to get the hang of this word, doesn’t it? How long did it take you? I had to break it down into … Read More

Explore Chelyabinsk in winter

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Explore Chelyabinsk in winter? Let’s go! 🙂 The city opened a cool new museum last fall: Центр исторического наследия Южно-Уральской железной дороги (Historical Heritage Center of the South Ural Railway). Take a look inside the museum here! It’s probably a … Read More

Interview: A professional Russian – English translator

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Meet Andrew Sabak, a professional Russian>English translator and a current student of the famous Liden & Denz Intercultural Institute of Languages. Давайте познакомимся! Andrew, what’s currently your favorite word in Russian? A word like “защищающиеся“ (transliterated as “zashchishchayushchiyesya”, meaning “defending … Read More

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