Track your Russian studies

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It might be a Monday… but don’t despair. This is the week you get proactive with your language studies! Even if it’s only for 5 minutes a day, what will you do to improve your Russian this week? I’ve created this printable to … Read More

Free online courses in Russian

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Have you heard about Открытое образование yet? They offer free online courses from big Russian universities. Tons and tons and tons of courses- 140 are available as I write this post! Click on the picture below to visit the site.   If … Read More

Russian daily planner

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  Meet my newest obsession- Блокнот счастливой хозяйки, которая все успевает.     Let’s just start right there with the title. Planner for the Happy Housewife Who Manages to Get It All Done. It’s gloriously cheesy and ambitious. What’s not to love? … Read More

Free online Russian tests

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How do you answer, “So, how good is your Russian?” I’m usually scrambling for an answer. “Um, well, I don’t know, uh…” Finally, I decided to always answer with “I speak a little Russian,” or, “Still learning it.” Both those answers are a lot … Read More

Looking Good, Part 1

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Welcome back to The Street Russian Project! It’s the first month of a brand new year, and everyone wants to look good. People are joining gyms, starting diets, getting haircuts, and shopping for new clothes. If you’ve got appearance goals for … Read More

New Year’s Russian with Presidents

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С новым годом! Welcome to 2017! 😀 Over the holidays, I made a bowl of mayonnaise New Year’s salad called «мой генерал»–   I made a few other things for the holiday table and wrote about them here. (Have you ever searched … Read More

6 cool blogs in Russian

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This post is totally subjective, of course. I mean, who decides what’s cool? But I think all of these blogs have their own merits, and I hope that at least one of them is interesting enough to convert you to … Read More


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*This is an early update on one task from last month’s study plan.*   You guys- I just did something BIG. I read a whole BBC article in Russian! Holy smokes! Have you heard of foreigncy? It’s a website for learning cool … Read More

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