Russian Job Ads #1

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Добро пожаловать to the very first entry in the Street Russian Project! The Street Russian Project displays snapshots of the real-life kind of Russian language that doesn’t always make it into textbooks. Most of the pictures in this series will … Read More

One word at a time

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In a perfect world, every time I visit my in-laws I’d pick up at least 10 new Russian words. And by pick up, I mean perfectly cement them in my brain forever and ever. While we’re at it, there also … Read More

May holidays vocab

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The beginning of May is a time renowned for picnics and parades. May 1st, Labor Day, has been around in various forms for ages (USSR’s International Workers’ Day, pre-1917 May Day). Nowadays most people mark the public holiday by escaping for … Read More

Russian roads in spring

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Guess what’s almost over?! Распутица! How to understand распутица? The word can be broken down to рас (undo) + путь (road) + ица (makes the word a noun)… …or skip all that and just watch this.   What do you … Read More

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