Soviet rock bands: Кино

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Soviet Rock Bands You Should Know, Part 2 Кино It’s impossible to learn Russian and not know about Victor Tsoi. Totally impossible. You’ve probably heard it all before: Soviet rock star, frontman of the band Кино, half-Korean, killed in a … Read More

Soviet rock bands: ДДТ

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Soviet Rock Bands You Should Know, Part 1 ДДТ Okay, those glasses- I swear the lead singer of this band was my 7th grade math teacher. But if you look beyond thirty six years of frightening fashion choices, you’ll discover … Read More

Song: Zemfira- AIDS

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  Our apartment walls have heard a LOT of Russian music over the years. In the beginning it was just my husband, listening to the music he’d brought with him from Ukraine. I’d go along with whatever he had playing, … Read More

Restaurants 1

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  One thing we did often in Ukraine was try out different restaurants. The final count stood at over 60 restaurants! (Full list here.) After all that, I’ve got to say that Ukraine has AMAZING food- how can anyone refuse … Read More

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