Soviet Chelyabinsk

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мозаика @ Южно-Уральский государственный технический колледж, Yuri Gagarin mosaic at South Ural Technical College Behold the «Завоевание космоса»…“The Conquest of Outer Space”! According to this interview, the mosaic was created in 1976 to commemorate the 15th anniversary of Gagarin’s spaceflight. … Read More

4 places to eat in Chelyabinsk

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Winter in the Urals seems like a time to settle for bland food—potatoes, frozen veggies, the occasional imported orange—but nope, the city is actually bursting with dragonfruit, lychee, and locally-grown lettuce. This carries over into the restaurant scene. Meals come … Read More

5 Questions for Russian Speakers

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Russian vocabulary + a famous face… can you help me figure these out? #1. What’s the difference between оливки and маслины? Are they simply green olives vs black olives? #2. What’s the difference between адвокат and юрист? #3. Why is … Read More

Borrowed words in Russian, part 6

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I read this in a fashion magazine last month: Думаешь над фэмили-луком? What, фэмили-лук? Hmmm…. A few days later I passed a store window advertising matching his-and-hers holiday sweaters with the words семейный образ. What’s the difference? How do people … Read More

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