5 puzzling Russian terms

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We’re lucky: some things translate literally between English and Russian, like бедный как церковная мыш, or “poor as a church mouse”.   Others are not phrased in quite the same way, but are pretty easy to guess. For example, If … Read More

Russian Vocab: to catch

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  On the most basic level, ловить = to catch. There’s an endless amount of things you can лови (catch): рыбу (a fish) такси (a cab) вора (a thief) мяч (a ball) снежок (a snowball) мышей (mice) шпиона (a spy) … Read More


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Planning to someday move to a place where Russian is spoken?   This Street Russian Project is especially for you: get ready to look for a place to live! : )   Of course, even if you already have a place … Read More

Song: Eastern Fairytales

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Take a listen to this silly but catchy song that hit Russian airwaves in 2006. It’s one of several remakes (including a slightly-off Dutch version) of the Persian-English song “Temptation”. The original version seems to be more about love than … Read More

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