Russian street art festival

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Chelyabinsk got an incredible makeover last month! 😊 A non-profit named «Россия — страна возможностей» brought 10 Russian artists to the city, hooked them up with 7500 cans of spray paint, and set them free to create amazing artwork. Here’s … Read More

9 Russian songs about coronavirus

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First, a small update. Coronavirus has been in and out of the news here. Public school started as usual last week. Movie theaters have reopened. The first batch of Гам-Ковид-Вак (Sputnik 5) is expected in Chelyabinsk later this month. Very … Read More

Russian Roundup – August 2020

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To the roundup! Что прочитать summer on the taiga modern Russian novels: what to read как сакзать: to block out a thought/noise? как сакзать: to be smitten with someone? как сакзать: finders keepers losers weepers? скороговорки на букву Л / … Read More

Designs in Russian architecture

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Behold the панельный дом (panel building)! You’ve probably seen this kind of prefabricated construction a hundred times. These massive buildings are cheap and quick to build… so they’re everywhere. Everywhere! I can’t say they’re the most awesome living spaces ever, … Read More

Russian snack update

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Still on lockdown, haven’t seen any friends in person since the first week of March, but I’ve recently made friends with a lot of tasty Russian treats… 😂 Чаговый чай (Chaga tea) Last year I bought a box of чаговый чай … Read More

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