Camp week

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I had known all year this time was coming- spending a week at a детский лагерь on the outskirts of Chelyabinsk- and was dreading it for months. Teens are funny creatures. They either show up full of enthusiasm and excitement … Read More

Russian groceries

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How much do groceries cost in Russia? Here’s what I paid this morning (rubles -> USD) at a local supermarket. This wasn’t quite a regular grocery trip. I just went to get cat food and, well, you know how it … Read More

Chelyabinsk in autumn

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A look back at the colors of fall… Gagarin Park September 15, 2018 Gagarin Park September 23, 2018 First snow day October 15, 2018 A rainy weekend October 20, 2018 October 21, 2018 Birch forest on the outskirts of town … Read More

Mini Russian slang lesson

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Here are 4 Russian slang terms I learned recently from that entertaining and enlightening modern dictionary known as the YouTube comments section… 1. лям = one million If I understand this correctly, it’s derived from миллион → лимон → лям. … Read More

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