5 Questions for Russian Speakers

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Russian vocabulary + a famous face… can you help me figure these out? #1. What’s the difference between оливки and маслины? Are they simply green olives vs black olives? #2. What’s the difference between адвокат and юрист? #3. Why is … Read More

Borrowed words in Russian, part 6

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I read this in a fashion magazine last month: Думаешь над фэмили-луком? What, фэмили-лук? Hmmm…. A few days later I passed a store window advertising matching his-and-hers holiday sweaters with the words семейный образ. What’s the difference? How do people … Read More

Snow day(s)

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Welcome to зимняя страна чудес, a winter wonderland. The skies dumped 15 centimeters of snow on us in two days. Here’s what the city looked like before the storm. ↓ On Saturday afternoon, we went out to meet a friend … Read More

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