Camp week

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I had known all year this time was coming- spending a week at a детский лагерь on the outskirts of Chelyabinsk- and was dreading it for months. Teens are funny creatures. They either show up full of enthusiasm and excitement … Read More

Russian groceries

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How much do groceries cost in Russia? Here’s what I paid this morning (rubles -> USD) at a local supermarket. This wasn’t quite a regular grocery trip. I just went to get cat food and, well, you know how it … Read More

Chelyabinsk in autumn

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A look back at the colors of fall… Gagarin Park September 15, 2018 Gagarin Park September 23, 2018 First snow day October 15, 2018 A rainy weekend October 20, 2018 October 21, 2018 Birch forest on the outskirts of town … Read More

Mini Russian slang lesson

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Here are 4 Russian slang terms I learned recently from that entertaining and enlightening modern dictionary known as the YouTube comments section… 1. лям = one million If I understand this correctly, it’s derived from миллион → лимон → лям. … Read More

Russian words #4

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Welcome to the fourth edition of Russian Words! This is an occasional series that highlights interesting vocabulary in Russian. If you’re an intermediate student of Russian and hungry for new vocab (or you don’t speak the language but you have … Read More

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