St. Petersburg penpal mail!

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Mail day! 🙂 My friend from Yakutsk visited St. Petersburg and sent a big envelope full of souvenirs! I treasure everything she included and want to share the photos with you… She also included, as usual, a beautiful card written … Read More

Textbook review: Russian Tutor

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Here’s the final verdict on the Russian Tutor Grammar and Vocabulary Workbook that I bought last winter: IT’S WORTH IT. If you’re still exhausted from the last time you took on a Russian grammar book (hello, Schaum’s Russian Grammar), don’t worry. This … Read More

Russian Roundup – May 2018

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Here’s something unusual: our local symphony is preparing for a Tchaikovsky v. Drake concert. (The concert’s disclaimer reads Neither Tchaikovsky nor Drake will perform at this concert.) Aside from that info, I don’t have many internet links to share with you … Read More

20 Interesting Facts about Russian

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I recently dug up a bunch of papers from summer school in Nizhny Novgorod. One page was a double-sided list titled 20 занимательных фактов о русском языке (20 interesting facts about the Russian language) that our teacher handed out during class … Read More

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