Interview: Teaching Russian

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Who is teaching YOU Russian? If you’re lucky, perhaps you have a teacher like Olga Jarrell. Olga is passionate about helping students learn Russian! She’s a Russian language instructor at Utah Valley University and the creator of Amazing Russian. Although … Read More

6 more TV shows in Russian

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In the last post on Russian-language TV shows (read it here), we covered adaptations of popular US shows, trashy reality TV, and a few good comedies. Here are 6 more shows you might enjoy…   Love history and scandal? Екатерина Watch … Read More

Russian language in Portland

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I always keep an eye out for the Russian language in Portland. After all, there are about 100,000* people who speak the language in Oregon. Although most Russian speakers live in a certain part of the city, the language is … Read More

Hostile Waters

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There seems to be an entire genre based on Soviet sub tragedies. This is another one of those stories- Hostile Waters: The Death of Soviet Sub K219. I read this book first as a teenager, interested in military life and … Read More

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