Soviet Lifestyle Museum

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  Добро пожаловать to the Soviet Lifestyle Museum in Kazan, Russia!     How could you not go into a place that shows The History of the USSR in Tea Kettles via a street display?     And it promised to … Read More

Russian Roundup – October 2016

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November, ура! Here are some interesting finds from October- hope you enjoy them!   Read Писательница Агата Кристи: о путешествиях, поездах и большом счастье. Иностранка в русском аду. (Or, the unpleasant experience of an Icelander in a Russian hospital.) Can you tell … Read More


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  My свекровь came to visit us this month. It was kind of exciting, because she speaks Russian. It was also kind of depressing, because her favorite topic is how incredibly much she wants to speak English but… [insert one of several … Read More


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If bad weather is on the way to you, fear not. Let’s brainstorm some things now that you can do for fun later… but, of course, на русском. It’s the Street Russian Project: Entertainment Edition! We’ll start with the most passive forms of … Read More

(The Other) Russian Childhood Cartoons

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  You’ve probably read a dozen posts that talk about the usual suspects in this catеgory- Чебурашка, Ну погоди!, Винни пух, Ёжик в тумане, and so on. These are the cartoons that my first Russian teacher would show us if we finished … Read More

Mini vocab quiz!

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Just for fun 🙂 – do you know all of these words?   Things you might find around the house…   Two famous Hollywood movies..   Places to go in Kharkiv, Ukraine…   Can you translate all ten pictures into … Read More

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