Borrowed words in Russian, part 7

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I give up, я сдаюсь! There are just so many loanwords now that maybe it’s pointless to keep sharing them here. What do you think? On one hand, it’s kind of fun to spot them mixed in with real Russian. On the other hand, they’re not words to we should learn and use… or are they?

The last time I compiled a borrowed words list, it was January 21, 2020. Then Covid-19 arrived in Russia so unlike previous lists, this list is mainly from websites and social media.

Лец гоу!

In the beauty section of a magazine, extolling the virtues of a certain shampoo: шайн брайт.

From this list of fashion terms: маст-хэвбиспок, мерч, and гайд-лайн.

Also on Instagram: people ready to проводить гив, host a giveaway.

Songs I have heard in taxis: ма лаф би лайк, мы будем чилить.

In Chelyabinsk: we now have a новый фуд-молл. Also, many фуд корты. Not sure exactly what the difference is.

In gaming: ачивка.

Because it’s shopping / goal-setting season, there is lots of Время апгрейда! and talk about how to апгрейдить язык. (Yes, я апгрейжу is now an official word in ru.wikitionary.)

Flashcards = флеш карточки.

I learned the word ретушь from the side of my BB cream box.

Words spotted online:

Although this is quite useful since it makes a clear distinction between покупатель and шопер.

Have you encountered any interesting loanwords lately? If you have, leave me a comment! 🙂

More borrowing:

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  1. Valentina
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    Скоро и мне придётся учить новый русский язык. 😉

    • Valentina
      | Reply

      Кстати, вот смешное видео на тему заимствований в русском языке

      • Katherine

        So many funny words here, thank you! I’m going to show it to my husband now, haha!

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