Borrowed words in Russian, part 8

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Every time I vow to stop paying attention to borrowed words, I see something like this:

And then I start collecting words all over again.😆 So here you go, the 2021 update of loan words in Russian. Енджой!

The first word comes from тусить = to party (slang).

A Russian friend once told me that there was (is?) a law that any English word used in billboard ads must be translated into Russian elsewhere on the sign. Kind of funny when the word sounds identical in both languages, like in this case: 😉

I want to give special attention to the word “кешбэк” because it’s now developing even more forms.

A few more finds from the internet + a presentation:

Have you encountered any interesting loanwords lately? If you have, leave me a comment! 🙂

The full series:

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