Why visit a Russian sanatorium?

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I’m in love with sanatoriums. They’re all-inclusive, relaxing, and a great way to practice your language skills. You usually spot them near the sea but you can also find them in the mountains and forests, anywhere that Russians think the … Read More

Anapa memories

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This month last year we were walking around the streets of Anapa. Бархатный сезон (warm early fall when tourists have gone home) had already happened but the temperatures still only called for a light jacket. Earlier that year, we’d picked … Read More

Sanatorium food

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Here’s a little test: could you survive dining in a Russian sanatorium for a week? Give yourself one point for every dish you enjoy in the following list… гречка котлеты вареники творог тушеная капуста тушеное мясо пюре драники плов макароны … Read More

The Sanatoriums of Anapa

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The first time I stayed in a sanatorium, I thought it was a really weird place. Do you know what a sanatorium is? (When I told my brother we visited one, he replied, “What? Do you have tuberculosis?“) If you ask … Read More

The stray cats of Anapa

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Perhaps you read about the stray cat in Vladivostok who broke into a deli and ate through $1,000 in seafood. Maybe you watched the video of the stray cats who follow monks around at a monastery in Moscow. There’s also the … Read More