Camp week

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I had known all year this time was coming- spending a week at a детский лагерь on the outskirts of Chelyabinsk- and was dreading it for months. Teens are funny creatures. They either show up full of enthusiasm and excitement … Read More

Chelyabinsk in autumn

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A look back at the colors of fall… Gagarin Park September 15, 2018 Gagarin Park September 23, 2018 First snow day October 15, 2018 A rainy weekend October 20, 2018 October 21, 2018 Birch forest on the outskirts of town … Read More

10 photos of Russia in winter

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Okay, so it’s not actually spring yet- twelve days to go until Russia acknowledges the first day of spring (March 1st)- but the earliest signs of spring have already appeared. It’s warm and sunny! Pieces of sidewalk have emerged. People are finally starting … Read More

The Russian food post!

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One thing I really like about Russia? The meals. Take me to any grocery store and I’m instantly happy. (Well, unless we’re standing in The Aisle of Despairing Fruit & Neglected Vegetables… then I’ll start crying.) Since moving here, my … Read More

S Rozhdestvom!

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Here are a few photos for you:   #1. Sun dogs and New Year’s trees!   #2. An army of tractors on the roads.   #3. Colorful buildings in fresh snow.   It’s not quite time for the holidays yet in … Read More

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