Russian cartoon park

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We discovered another fairy tale park. Or maybe it’s a Soviet cartoon park? This place is hidden away in a larger park in the city’s metallurgical district. Let’s see who lives here… Ну, погоди! Meet Волк and Заяц, stars of … Read More

2021 reading list

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Last January I made these reading lists: 2020 e-books about Russia and Russian and Russian books currently on my bookshelf. In total, I finished nine of those books (well, one was a grammar textbook). The most disappointing read was probably … Read More

Shapka, Babushka, Kefir

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Shapka, Babushka, Kefir. Ah, this book. I’ve wanted to read it since 2017. Back then, my Russian wasn’t good enough to get through it and I didn’t know it was also published in English. Now here we are, years later, … Read More

Russian snack update

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Still on lockdown, haven’t seen any friends in person since the first week of March, but I’ve recently made friends with a lot of tasty Russian treats… 😂 Чаговый чай (Chaga tea) Last year I bought a box of чаговый чай … Read More

Q1 reading list update

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Russian books: an update. 🙂 The Siberian Incident This Greig Beck book was actually the most entertaining Russian read of last few months. 😂 Would it qualify for J.T.’s Russian travelogue bingo? Probably. The plot involves the Russian mafia, Lake … Read More

Inspired by a film

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Movie time! 🙂 The original movie: Inspired these… The original movie: Inspired this title… Have you encountered any books / restaurants / monuments inspired by a famous Soviet film? Leave me a comment!

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