Russian scavenger hunt!

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Today’s post is going to be a little bit different. This morning Elena N. and I had another skype call. It didn’t go so well. I had prepared this question… Какая разница между___? не куренная сигарета не докуренная сигарета не … Read More

Do you speak Yakut?

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(This video will instantly make your day 10000% better. I promise.) Дорообо! Don’t panic- it’s just the Yakut word for привет. 🙂 Here’s the good news: knowing Russian gives you a massive advantage with many other cool languages. You’ve got … Read More

Eclipse vocabulary in Russian

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If you live in the US, maybe you caught the полное солнечное затмение earlier this week. The путь тотальности was visible in 14 states, including the state I live in, so this week I’m ditching English and writing a short post about the … Read More

Using HelloTalk for Russian

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If you have a smart phone and you need instant language practice, here’s the answer: HelloTalk. The Fluent blog already has a fantastic review on the app that will cover all the basics and get you up and running. It gets … Read More

5 crazy Russian expressions

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My friend Тимур is always forwarding interesting articles about the Russian language. He recently sent this article: 10 русских выражений, которые сводят с ума иностранцев! 10 Russian expressions that drive foreigners crazy! Haha, crazy? After reading through them, I agree! … Read More

6 more TV shows in Russian

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In the last post on Russian-language TV shows (read it here), we covered adaptations of popular US shows, trashy reality TV, and a few good comedies. Here are 6 more shows you might enjoy…   Love history and scandal? Екатерина Watch … Read More

Russian language in Portland

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I always keep an eye out for the Russian language in Portland. After all, there are about 100,000* people who speak the language in Oregon. Although most Russian speakers live in a certain part of the city, the language is … Read More

Hostile Waters

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There seems to be an entire genre based on Soviet sub tragedies. This is another one of those stories- Hostile Waters: The Death of Soviet Sub K219. I read this book first as a teenager, interested in military life and … Read More

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