(The Other) Russian Childhood Cartoons

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  You’ve probably read a dozen posts that talk about the usual suspects in this catеgory- Чебурашка, Ну погоди!, Винни пух, Ёжик в тумане, and so on. These are the cartoons that my first Russian teacher would show us if we finished … Read More

Russian summer

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Last month I was in Nizhny Novgorod, in a language program called “Russian Summer”. Before the program, I wasn’t sure it would all fall into place, so I didn’t say much about it here. Then it was happening, and everything … Read More

Russian book haul

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Confession time. I’ve never really read a book in Russian. This sends my husband into a tailspin. “Reading is the best way to learn! It’s how I learned English.” He moved to the US when he was 18 and pretty … Read More

Russian TV shows

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Most people want to cut down on the amount of TV they watch, but I think that increasing TV time can be good when you’re studying a language. We can’t speak with native speakers / study grammar all the time, … Read More

Russia in stereotypes

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  Ah, Russian stereotypes. Are they funny because they’re absurdly wrong? Or because they’re slightly true? Take a look and tell me what you think! DIY weapons Patriotism Crazy drivers And their cars Russian youngsters And school children Russian men … Read More

Favorite finds

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  Today’s Russian practice has been going through these old music books that belonged to my свёкор, Valeriy.     Valeriy was always interested in learning to play- I think he even had a keyboard stashed away in a closet … Read More

The bad day survival kit

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  Если ты сегодня бьёшься как рыба об лед, if nothing is going your way today…      тогда вам надо этот пост, then you need this blog post. 🙂     Here are five more examples of someone who … Read More

The Russian-English business dictionary!

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How’s your business Russian?   Perhaps you’ve already seen this handy list of phrases floating around the internet. If not, I introduce you to…   The русско-английский словарь по деловой переписке! 😉   1) Господи, это опять вы…. – Thank … Read More

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