Resources for learning Tatar

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I didn’t exactly plan to learn Tatar… but here we are, in a city filled with татар теле (the Tatar language), and it’s hard to resist. Shops/signs are labeled both in Russian and Tatar, so new words are everywhere. It … Read More

Kazan wishlist

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We’ve been in Kazan for a month, and my mood has been off since we arrived. Culture shock? Homesickness? We got here, then I ran out of energy. Not exactly the greatest start to a new place. But there’s always … Read More

First impressions of Kazan

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Привет из Казани! Hello from Kazan! We moved here two weeks ago so that my husband could study for his master’s degree at nearby Innopolis University. It’s a two-year program, meaning we’ll be here for a while and have time … Read More

Welcome to Innopolis!

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My dream came true! Моя мечта сбылась! We finally visited Innopolis! 😁 What is Innopolis? “A city for your ideas.” Innopolis is a brand new Russian city. As you can imagine, building a city from scratch is a daunting task. … Read More

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