Russian songs of 2020

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This isn’t the first time I’ve shared Russian songs with you this year – there was a September post on 9 Russian songs about the coronavirus and 3 songs that are hot in Russia right now way back in January … Read More

9 Russian songs about coronavirus

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First, a small update. Coronavirus has been in and out of the news here. Public school started as usual last week. Movie theaters have reopened. The first batch of Гам-Ковид-Вак (Sputnik 5) is expected in Chelyabinsk later this month. Very … Read More

7 drinking songs in Russian

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Any post about drinking songs in Russian must start with this masterpiece: I’m in love with the пиво by Dadas Man. 😉 (Not seeing the YouTube videos? Click here.)   We’ll stick with beer for a while, moving on to the … Read More

Soviet rock bands: Кино

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Soviet Rock Bands You Should Know, Part 2 Кино It’s impossible to learn Russian and not know about Victor Tsoi. Totally impossible. You’ve probably heard it all before: Soviet rock star, frontman of the band Кино, half-Korean, killed in a … Read More

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