Song: Zemfira- AIDS

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  Our apartment walls have heard a LOT of Russian music over the years. In the beginning it was just my husband, listening to the music he’d brought with him from Ukraine. I’d go along with whatever he had playing, … Read More

Song: Eastern Fairytales

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Take a listen to this silly but catchy song that hit Russian airwaves in 2006. It’s one of several remakes (including a slightly-off Dutch version) of the Persian-English song “Temptation”. The original version seems to be more about love than … Read More

Song: Verka Serduchka – Pirozhok

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Here’s a cheerful little song from Верка Сердучка, Ukraine’s most outlandish cross-dressing artist. The song is called пирожок and tells of a woman’s mighty quest to find a tasty pirozhok :p На сколько я знаю (as far as I know) … Read More

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