Looking Good, Part 1

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Welcome back to The Street Russian Project! It’s the first month of a brand new year, and everyone wants to look good. People are joining gyms, starting diets, getting haircuts, and shopping for new clothes. If you’ve got appearance goals for … Read More


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If bad weather is on the way to you, fear not. Let’s brainstorm some things now that you can do for fun later… but, of course, на русском. It’s the Street Russian Project: Entertainment Edition! We’ll start with the most passive forms of … Read More

Lost pets

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  Although apartment living might not offer much space, people in Ukraine still love to have pets. Everyone seemed to have a cat (even us!). Lap dogs were a popular second. Do you have a pet? If so, you might … Read More

Restaurants 3

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A few interesting odds and ends for restaurant practice-   In a Brazilian steakhouse- Хватит! Enough! Ещё! More food!   Arghhhh!!!! The main cause of distress for Russian language learners- illegible cursive! Самообслуживание, убирай за собой мусор, Self-service, take your … Read More

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