Welcome to Innopolis!

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My dream came true! Моя мечта сбылась! We finally visited Innopolis! 😁 What is Innopolis? “A city for your ideas.” Innopolis is a brand new Russian city. As you can imagine, building a city from scratch is a daunting task. … Read More

Moscow river cruise

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There are some fancy Moskva river excursions, like the Mercedes-Benz yacht or the Royal класс cruise, but this is not that kind of experience. This is the potato-chip yellow Lay’s boat. 😂 But hey, it floats and it took us … Read More

One rainy day in Kazan

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Welcome to Kazan, a city that has existed for over one thousand years. It’s the 6th largest city in Russia and a ninety-minute flight from Moscow. It’s also a short drive from one of the country’s newest silicon valleys. Here’s … Read More

Pushkin around the world

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The real trick to learning Russian?… it’s probably memorizing Pushkin. 🤣 Pretty much all Russian speakers know a few lines. Even dating TV shows ask contestants to recite Pushkin’s poems! Just as important as remembering his famous words, though, is … Read More

A Russian meal on Aeroflot

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We’ve said goodbye to Russia for the summer- пока!– and landed back in the US. New discovery: did you know that you can special order meals on Aeroflot for no extra cost? The standard meals are pretty good but I … Read More

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