Borrowed words vocab quiz

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Here’s a quick mini quiz for you: test yourself on these 5 English loanwords in Russian!   олдскульная RPG дудлики 3. 4. 5.   Figured them all out? Leave me a comment below with your answers. 🙂     PS: … Read More

Improve your Russian: yat

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Have you ever wondered why the Russian word есть means both to be and to eat? When writing this month’s Street Russian newsletter, I found out! Most of the time I write about an entire word or phrase (for example, March … Read More

5 Russian words that start with вв-

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Russian words with repeated letters are fascinating! They look so exotic: ссора quarrel осенняя autumn  длинношеее long-necked and sometimes terrifying:  жужжать to hum or buzz  … but honestly, I usually don’t know what to do with that extra letter, especially if it’s … Read More

6 more really long Russian words

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I’ve been translating A TON of documents lately, which means lots of fascinating words. Last month I had a huge assignment that had all kinds of interesting stuff, like “after taking this medicine, работа кишечника будет полностью восстановлена” (bowel function … Read More

Tricky Russian words

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Last year I shared a list of words that sound alike in Russian, like образование = education and обрезание = circumcision. (Yes, that still trips me up!) Since then, I’ve come across the opposite phenomenon: words that don’t sound anything alike but seem to have the same … Read More

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