Mini Russian slang lesson

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Here are 4 Russian slang terms I learned recently from that entertaining and enlightening modern dictionary known as the YouTube comments section… 1. лям = one million If I understand this correctly, it’s derived from миллион → лимон → лям. … Read More

Russian words #4

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Welcome to the fourth edition of Russian Words! This is an occasional series that highlights interesting vocabulary in Russian. If you’re an intermediate student of Russian and hungry for new vocab (or you don’t speak the language but you have … Read More

Borrowed words vocab quiz

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Here’s a quick mini quiz for you: test yourself on these 5 English loanwords in Russian!   олдскульная RPG дудлики 3. 4. 5.   Figured them all out? Leave me a comment below with your answers. 🙂     PS: … Read More

Improve your Russian: yat

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Have you ever wondered why the Russian word есть means both to be and to eat? When writing this month’s Street Russian newsletter, I found out! Most of the time I write about an entire word or phrase (for example, March … Read More

5 Russian words that start with вв-

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Russian words with repeated letters are fascinating! They look so exotic: ссора quarrel осенняя autumn  длинношеее long-necked and sometimes terrifying:  жужжать to hum or buzz  … but honestly, I usually don’t know what to do with that extra letter, especially if it’s … Read More

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