5 Russian words that start with вв-

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Russian words with repeated letters are fascinating! They look so exotic: ссора quarrel осенняя autumn  длинношеее long-necked and sometimes terrifying:  жужжать to hum or buzz  … but honestly, I usually don’t know what to do with that extra letter, especially if it’s … Read More

6 more really long Russian words

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I’ve been translating A TON of documents lately, which means lots of fascinating words. Last month I had a huge assignment that had all kinds of interesting stuff, like “after taking this medicine, работа кишечника будет полностью восстановлена” (bowel function … Read More

Tricky Russian words

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Last year I shared a list of words that sound alike in Russian, like образование = education and обрезание = circumcision. (Yes, that still trips me up!) Since then, I’ve come across the opposite phenomenon: words that don’t sound anything alike but seem to have the same … Read More

Russian Words #3

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Welcome to the third edition of Russian Words! This is an occasional series that highlights interesting vocabulary in Russian. If you’re an intermediate student of Russian and hungry for new vocab (or you don’t speak the language but you have a … Read More

5 crazy Russian expressions

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My friend Тимур is always forwarding interesting articles about the Russian language. He recently sent this article: 10 русских выражений, которые сводят с ума иностранцев! 10 Russian expressions that drive foreigners crazy! Haha, crazy? After reading through them, I agree! … Read More

Runglish, part 4!

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Хелло агэн. 🙂 Итс тайм фор мор вери спешл вордс!     Seriously, I’ve been running into these kinds of words all over the place. Last month I was translating a document and came across this: … как мы у себя … Read More


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*This is an early update on one task from last month’s study plan.*   You guys- I just did something BIG. I read a whole BBC article in Russian! Holy smokes! Have you heard of foreigncy? It’s a website for learning cool … Read More

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