Chelyabinsk in autumn

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A look back at the colors of fall…

Gagarin Park

September 15, 2018

Gagarin park is full of quiet trails. Can you believe this park is in the city center?
Rowboats for rent on a small pond in Центральный парк культуры и отдыха им. Ю.А. Гагарина, the Yuri Gagarin Central Park of Culture and Rest.
Bicycling path.
It was such a peaceful walk that we decided to return the next weekend with a thermos of coffee, a bag of pretzels, a jar of nutella, and 2 good books…

Gagarin Park

September 23, 2018

Near the food stalls and kids games.
Our picnic spot.
Dancing to live music.
Kids already starting to be sent outside with heavy jackets and knit hats.
Lots of families out for picnics / strolling / painting landscapes.
Out of the park, walking along Lenin street.

First snow day

October 15, 2018

It only lasted a few hours.
Bits of snow that survived until sunset.
Fall colors out the window.

A rainy weekend

October 20, 2018

Truda St.

October 21, 2018

Walking the muddy paths in Gagarin park. (More photos here.)

Birch forest on the outskirts of town

October 28, 2018

One afternoon we sat down on a random marshrutka and ended up here. The driver parked his van, kicked us off, and cranked up his music. Since there was no one else and nothing else around, we wandered into this birch grove until we saw another marshrutka in the distance.
Новостройки, new buildings, near the Chelyabinsk stadium. This is the marshrutka turnaround point- the birch forest is just off to the right.


October 29, 2018

Although winter technically begins on December 1st, it definitely felt like winter had arrived this morning.
It was also my first time subbing in a new location, which meant I could quickly explore new parts of the city (like this tram depot) after the class ended.

Winter wasn’t as scenic as the fall was… it went like this: new snow – gray slush – new snow – melt – ice everywhere – more new snow – repeat. For one long period between fresh snow, I walked past a bloody patch every day where someone had fallen hard. Now it’s spring and the world is full of puddles and lingering patches of ice. What’s it like right now where you are?

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