Cool Russian songs from famous TV shows and movies

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Looking for some Russian music you haven’t heard yet? Here are six cool songs from a CD called Лучшие хиты из культовых сериалов и кинофильмов, Часть 1 (The best hits from iconic TV shows and movies, Part 1)

Since I haven’t watched any of these shows or movies except for Брат 2, I asked my husband to share his opinion on things he has seen. Have you heard of these shows/movies before?


This TV miniseries was described in one YouTube comment as Лучший бандитский сериал всех времен. (The best criminal show of all time.) D’s thoughts:
A show about glorified 90s bandits.

The song: Бригада ремикс by Triplex
Watch the series here.

Брат 2

It’s hard to find a Russian speaker who hasn’t watched at least the original Брат. D’s thoughts on the sequel:
A very cool crime movie for weird reasons: the movie got both Russia and the US wrong but in a rather poetic way. By the way, the song Вечно молодой was playing nonstop in my summer camp: Вечно молодым, вечно пьяным... (Forever young, forever drunk…)

The songs:
Вечно молодой by Смысловые галлюцинации
Полковнику никто не пишет by Би-2
Watch the movie here.

Последний герой

Russian Survivor. The first season of this reality show was hosted by the star of Брат 2, Sergei Bodrov Jr. (Sadly, he died the following year while filming a movie in Georgia.) D’s thoughts:
I watched the first season only because Bodrov Jr. hosted it and he has a certain kind of injured charm.

The song: Последний герой by Би-2

Watch the series here.



A 2002 series featuring Russian special forces in action. D’s thoughts:
I haven’t seen this but I think it’s some kind of patriotic military program.
The song: Давай за… by Любэ

Watch the series here.



A movie about a black BMW and… you guessed it… criminals! (Speaking of black BMWs, I’m obligated to present this song to you as well. It might also be from the same movie?) D’s thoughts:
A stupid crime movie. Whoever made it lost half his brain in the 90s.

The song: Мобильник by Сергей Шнуров (Also known as: that ringtone everyone had for a while.)
Watch the series here.



Do you have a favorite Russian TV show or movie from the 1990s – 2000s? If you do, let me know what it is and why it’s your favorite! 🙂

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  1. Valentina
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    Бригада – один из моих любимых сериалов. 🙂 Катерина, а у Вас звук нормально работает в фильме “Бригада”, ссылку на который Вы дали? У меня звук плохо работает, я поэтому и не стала рекомендовать этот сериал своим студентам, несмотря на то, что там есть английские субтитры.

    • Katherine
      | Reply

      Привет Валентина! What TV shows are you watching nowadays? Did you watch all of Как я стал русским?

      No, unfortunately the sound isn’t working well for me either, bummer. 🙁 When I linked that video, I thought it was just a bad internet connection on my end. There is another uploader with multiple episodes and good sound… but no English or Russian subtitles. Episode 1:

      • Valentina

        Я сейчас очень мало смотрю русское телевидение. Из последнего, что я посмотрела, мне очень понравился сериал “Красная королева” Фильм основан на реальной истории первой советской манекенщицы, которая стала популярна за пределами СССР.
        P.S. Сериал “Как я стал русским” я уже давно посмотрела. 😉

  2. Lyttenburgh
    | Reply


    Some Russian cinema critics went so far as to compare it to… wait for it!… Chekhov’s “Cherry Orchard”! Because it was not as much a tale about the 90s (like Brat/Brat 2) told from “inside”, neither was it post-factum glorification of the period (like Brigada) or dark-humourous take on it (like “Zhmurki”). No, it was a final farevel to the epoch and to the people from it that could not possibly adapt to the new times. “Black Bumer”, abandoned by the heroes in the swamp, is the modern version of the Firs the butler – forgotten (“again”) by everyone, and fading away under the sounds of the eponymous cherry orchard being cut down…

    • Katherine
      | Reply

      Thank you for mentioning this, Lyttenburgh! You sent me off on a quest to learn more about “Cherry Orchard”. 🙂 I just finished reading the Wikipedia entry.

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