Coronavirus signs in Russia

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Welcome back to another edition of the Street Russian Project!

The past few months I haven’t done much “Street Russian-ing” at all… just trips to the grocery store and clinic… but even with such limited outdoor time, I spotted these public service announcements and signs:


The very first sign that appeared, back at the end of March.


An attempt to get people to stop shaking hands.
Магнит is a well-known chain grocery stores.



I think this is about the time that tests become widely available in the city.


The Ministry of Emergency Situations has been sending out these messages for several months. As of mid-July though, most everything in Chelyabinsk has re-opened and people have stopped wearing masks in public places.

Mini Russian / English cheat sheet

соблюдайте дистанцию = keep a safe distance

пройди тест на COVID-19 = get tested for COVID-19

поддержи родителей = help your parents out

страхование от коронавируса = coronavirus insurance

масочный режим = a mask mandate, masks required

Быть здоровым, be well! 🙂

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