Crazy long Russian words

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We do a little proofreading on the side and occasionally run into gems like these 5 beauties:



18 letters: незаангажированный (unbiased)




Also 18 letters: доброжелательность (kindness, goodwill)




19 letters: сфальсифицированные (falsified)




23 letters: сервисориентированности (service-orientated)




24 letters: клиентоориентированности (client-oriented)




What’s the longest Russian word you’ve encountered?

To be fair, this is a combination of several words, but... ow!
To be fair, this is a combination of several words, but… ow!

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  1. Roman
    | Reply

    I recall a funny story I read about 25 years ago, where company names like the later in your post were exaggerated for laugh: НИИВТОРСЫРЧЕРМЕТБРАКМРАКСНАБСТЫДСБЫТЗАГРАНПОСТАВКА 🙂

    • Kate
      | Reply

      Oh man, Roman, please tell me that word doesn’t actually make sense in Russian… or does it? 😉

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  3. Jury
    | Reply

    oh, russian is easy.
    There are two different words: “шерсть” and “обрабатывающий”, we get “шерстеОбрабатывающий” Just add the connecting letters“ 0 ”or“ E ”and combine the words =)
    Or “грязь”, “вода”, “лечебницаl” and we get a “водОгрязЕлечебница”
    Much easier than 12 kinds of time in English

    • Katherine
      | Reply

      Mind = blown, thank you for these examples, Jury! Now I want to try водогрязелечебница myself. 😄

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