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Planning to someday move to a place where Russian is spoken?


This Street Russian Project is especially for you: get ready to look for a place to live! : )

rent looking old_house_for_sale


housing_ad_Crimea ukraine_favorit housing_signs_in_Russian







Of course, even if you already have a place to live, maybe you’re ready for a change of scenary-




… or one of these-


Ukraine_air_conditioning-thumbnail Russian_gate



And last but not least- if you pay close attention, you might see something pretty cool 😉




Russian / English cheat sheet

внимание! = attention!

сниму = I want to rent…

куплю = I want to buy…

продам = I’m selling…

продается = for sale

сдача в аредну = for rent

ищу жильё = I’m looking for housing

агентство по недвижимости = real estate agency

новостройка = new building

дом кирпичный = brick building

застеклённая лоджия = enclosed large balcony (a лоджия is bigger than a балкон)

погреб = root cellar

прихожая = entryway, cloakroom, mudroom

сан(итарный) узел с душевой = one-room bathroom as opposed to a two-room toilet / sink + shower arrangement.

без мебели = unfurnished

изолир. = insulated (abbreviated form)

yютный = cozy

со всеми удобствами = with all amenities / conveniences

на длительный срок = long-term

в этом районе = in this part of town

участок = piece of land

сотка = unit of measurement. I think 1 сотка = 100 meters2. Plural = соток, сотки, abbreviated to сот.

пруд 5 мин  = a lake 5 minutes away

сосны = pine trees

монтаж и обслуживание = installment and service

советы новоселам = advice for new owners

ветеран вов = WWII veteran (Великая Отечественная война)


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Can you describe your home по-русский? Моя квартира- маленькая, уютная, рядом с метро. Leave me a comment below with your description : )


PS: Get more info on the Street Russian Project here!

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