Improve your Russian verbs in under 12 minutes!

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Struggling with Russian verbs? Here are three short videos that can help you!

The thing I like the most about these videos is that the teachers show you the verbs through actions. Pick a video- this longest is just over 11 minutes- and learn something new.


In this 4-minute video, Anna acts out the differences between надевать / надеть, проверять / проверить, and several other verb pairs. (Turn on the captions for RU/ENG.)


In this 8-minute video, Elena tackles выигрывать / проигрывать. If you don’t know the meaning of these verbs yet, you definitely will after watching this.


In this 11-minute video, Elena gives you tons of examples of when to use cпросить / pопросить.


And just for fun, did you know that you can makes complete sentences in Russian using only verbs? Here’s the longest example I’ve seen so far. Can you top this? 😉



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  1. Robert Kopp
    | Reply

    Russian verbs are easier in many respects than those of the Romance languages. The exception is the verbs of motion, which have quite a few pitfalls, and are quite common.

    • Katherine
      | Reply

      Yes, those verbs of motion are in a category all of their own! 😉 What are your tips for mastering them?

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