Job ideas for Russian speakers

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Do you dream of speaking Russian at work someday? Here are 10 ideas to start your job search!


1. AATSEEL American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages

  • Sample job: Visiting Assistant Professor of Russian, University of Pittsburgh
  • Also, internship ideas here.


2. CREEES Professional Resources Forum 

  • Sample job: Internship: Digital Editor Intern (Russian Life Magazine)


3. American Councils for International Education 

  • Sample job: Program Officer, Russian Flagship and Flagship Languages Initiative Programs


4. Concordia Russian Language Village in Minnesota

  • Sample jobs: Russian Summer Village Chef (yes, cooking Russian food!) and Academic-Year Russian Curriculum Developer


5. Jobs at Innopolis University in one of Russia’s newest high-tech zones

  • Sample job: Assistant Professor in Data Science


6. Work for EPAM in Russia, Ukraine, or Belarus

  • Sample job: English Language Instructor (although I applied for this job once and was told it would take too long to get a work visa. Perhaps you might have better luck?)


7. Make good money as a nanny in Russia

  • Sample job: English Governess for girl aged 2½ in Moscow


8. Jobs with Russian start-ups

  • Sample job: General Manager for a food delivery start-up in Moscow


9. Teach English in Russia


10. Other job boards


Please let me know if you have other ideas! 🙂

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