Looking Good, Part 2

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So, you did all the things in Looking Good, Part 1 (and maybe in Staying Healthy, too.)

What’s the first thing people do when they look amazing? Or- like this ad says- when they just want to feel amazing?

Shop for new clothes, of course! 😉 As Mark Twain said, “Одежда делает человека. Голые люди имеют мало или вообще не имеют влияния на общество.”



Here are some pictures from the streets of Ukraine. Can you understand all of them?


Clothing stores


Another case of the guy getting a cooler outfit than the girl, haha.


The secondhand store is always a popular choice, too. In some of these stores, clothes are sold by the kilogram. Perhaps a new shipment of secondhand clothes arrives every Monday. In that case, the price would be at its highest on Monday and slowly be reduced throughout the week. If you wanted to get the most bang for your buck, you’d shop on Sundays… but of course, by then you’d be looking through what everyone rejected.



These were in a little kiosk in an underground passage next to the metro entrance.




Odds and Ends


Do you know the history behind this ad? Click on the picture to read about Sergei Mavrodi and one of the biggest pyramid schemes of all time.


Here are a few words from these pictures that caught my eye…


Russian / English cheat sheet

поднять настроение = cheer up, lift one’s mood

польская одежда = Polish clothing (but note the country is Польша)

норковые шубы = mink fur coats

колготки = tights

лифчик = bra (also called a бюстгальтер)

тёплое бельё = long johns, warm underclothes (бельё means undergarments)

доступные одежды = affordable clothes

шиворот навыворот = inside out

сарафан = long lightweight dress, aka the summer uniform for women. Do you know what сарафанное радио means?

пуговицы = buttons

ткань = fabric


Which words are new for you? 🙂


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