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If you travel to Russia or hang with Russians, it’s almost inevitable. Sooner or later, the alcohol / tea comes out. Let’s take a look at some of the vocab that goes along with those pastimes.



What to learn from this meme-

Vodka, it turns out, is boring. It’s the white bread of drinking. If you want to impress someone, go with a bottle of коньяк cognac. When we used to have dinners at my in-laws, cognac would take the place of vodka on special occasions. Once, a friend even gifted a bottle of Ararat, an Armenian cognac. (It was a very well-received gift!)

The whole Russian-cognac scene is a funny thing. Cognac traditionally comes from a special region in France. If someone outside of that area makes the same drink, it’s called brandy… with the exception of in the former USSR. I’m not sure of this whole backstory- this marketing research talks about how and why of FSU’s domestic cognac production- but in Ukraine people definitely preferred cognac when they felt like being fancy.

More: With Cognac, a taste of the good life for Russian drinkers, New York Times



cognac for grades

What to learn from this meme-

You might already know about the grading system in Russia. Instead of the ABCDF scale that Americans are familiar with, Russian kids get graded with a number from one to five. This meme references that scale. A four is хорошо good, but this студент hopes that the gift of cognac will earn him a five, отлично excellent.



Now we’ll get into the vocabulary of drinking too much…



What to learn from this meme-

The verb бухать is slang for get drunk. You may also hear related terms like бухло booze, and бухой drunk.




What to learn from this meme-

If someone goes в запой, it means they’re going on a drinking binge. And will probably repeat these stages a bunch of times-





On to something lighter now- tea!


russian time for tea

What to learn from this meme-

For me it’s always пора пить чай time to drink tea :p, but you can use пора when it’s time to do something. It could be пора идти домой time to go home, пора готовится к лету time to get ready for summer, пора завтракать time to eat breakfast, or пора отдыхать time to rest.



So, why drink tea? In short- for everything.

why drink tea russian

What to learn from this meme-

There’s never a bad time for tea. There’s never a bad reason to drink tea. Tea was, is, and will always be a huge part of the lifestyle. It’s not a grab-something-quick-at-Starbucks-and-drink-it-on-the-way-to-work. In fact, you’re more likely to see someone carrying a family-size thermos of tea than a regular to-go cup. My relatives take a thermos of black tea anytime they drive somewhere, and dole it out to the passengers as they travel. But mainly, tea is a sit-down affair. You do it at home or in a cafe. You do it with special spoons. You leave the spoon in. And there’s one other thing that goes along with the custom of unhurried tea sipping…



… the snacking!


What to learn from this meme-

There are SO MANY goodies to enjoy with your tea. There are пряники insanely delicious spice cookies with icing, торт cake, бублики giant round pretzels on a string, пирог pie, печение cookies, шоколад chocolate, and probably a bunch of other things I’m forgetting. (Can you think of more?) It’s never just tea. And forget any dreams of losing weight!



What about the process of making tea?

chuck_norris_tea_Russian pour me tea Russian

What to learn from this meme-

You already know how to make tea but if you’re not sure how to describe it in Russian, first you завари чай add the tea to boiling water and then you наливай чай pour the tea. Or in my case, it’s more like завари и забуд boil and forget

how to drink tea



And then when the tea’s on the table, there’s the Great Sugar Question.


What to learn from this meme-

Well, perhaps it’s not a Great Question at all, for sugar = yes. There’s this idea that it’s hard to go to Russia and turn down alcohol, but just trying saying no to sugar in your tea and you’ll see what this meme is all about. 😉



And that brings us to one last picture-

no reason not to drink

What to learn from this meme-

Maybe you’re reading this on a Friday or maybe you’re not. Eventually, though, it will be Friday and you’ll выпьешь something: воды some water, чаю some tea, водки some vodka, коньяку some cognac, кока-колы some Coke, пива some beer, кефира some kefir, лемонада some lemonade, кофе coffee, or ёрш vodka beer (it’s real). Enjoy yourself!

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  1. Valentina
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    Слово “выпить” в основном используем, когда речь идёт об алкогольных напитках.
    1. Выпьешь водки? (коньяку, пива, сидра и т.д.) Здесь пропущено слово “стопку”- shot, т.к. обычно не ограничиваются только одной стопкой водки.
    2. Будешь пить чай? (кока-колу, кефир, лимонад, кофе) Или выпьешь чашку чая? (стакан воды, стакан кефира, стакан лимонада, чашку кофе и т.д.) Здесь используем “чашку чая” (стакан воды и т.д.), т.к. чаще всего пьют не больше одной чашки или стакана.

    • Katherine
      | Reply

      Ой, не знала! Спасибо, Валентина 🙂 Am still trying to master all those verbs and nuances.

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