More borrowed words in Russian

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For the past few months- ever since 13 Borrowed Words in Russian– I’ve been keeping an eye out for more. It hasn’t been hard to find them 😉 Take a peek!
















Spotted on a previous incarnation of Andy Frecka’s hilarious blog:




I’d love to know the thought process behind choosing these words in particular. It’s like in a Bollywood movie where they switch between Hindi or (Urdu?) and English and I always want to ask- wait, why did you just use English for that particular word? I’m guessing there are 2 situations:

  • There’s no translating / awkwardly translating words like Гугл, репост, дайджест, ноу-хау
  • The writer wants to reach a certain kind of audience or sound cooler with the плиз, прайс лист, шоппинг

What do you think?


Anyway, here’s a few more borrowed words and/or cognates for you:

Happy_Birthday_in_Russian Russian_business Russian_stockmarket wet_wipes_Ukraine Russian_okay_dokey Renaissance_credit body_flex Russian_business_center

Although, like with many other words, this was probably taken from French.
Although, like with many other words, this was probably taken from French.



and two memes:

Russian_fashion Russian_snowboard




Special bonus! 2 Ukrainian words that also fit in with this topic:

Technically рекламный щит (RU) / рекламний щит (UKR) but again, you’ll also see the anglicized билборд, бигборд (RU) / бiлборд, бiгборд (UKR).



Have you come across any interesting words recently? 🙂 If so, please share them!


PS: There’s more?!

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Ват из ит?

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  1. Teango
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    Хорошие находки! I can’t help but wonder though…what type of “мистерия вкуса” would you get for 29 hryvnia at that “ланч” spot? 🙂

    • Katherine
      | Reply

      Хаха, боюсь узнать! 😉

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