Moscow river cruise

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There are some fancy Moskva river excursions, like the Mercedes-Benz yacht or the Royal класс cruise, but this is not that kind of experience. This is the potato-chip yellow Lay’s boat. 😂 But hey, it floats and it took us up and down the river just fine. This kind of boat, by the way, is called a теплоход.

It wasn’t very expensive and we were able to buy tickets at a little kiosk along the river at the last minute. Here’s what the trip was like…

Cruising past one of Moscow’s many parks.
That’s москва сити in the background.
Андреевский мост.
This is the Баттерфляй. You can rent the entire boat if you’d like: 56 000 ₽/час on a weekday, 70 000 ₽/час on the weekend!
The Ministry of Defense.
That statue of Peter the Great that many people think is just too ugly to exist.
Красный Октябрь, one of the country’s best candy factories! 😍 Have you ever tried their chocolates?
Coming up on the Kremlin at last.
L: a slice of the famous Театр Эстрады. R: not sure what this brick building is – maybe another part of the theater? Background: the domes of Храм Святого Николы на Берсеневке.
The Grand Kremlin Palace.
Парк «Зарядье» opened two years ago. As amazing as it looks, it’s only #140 of on tripadvisor’s list of 2,925 things to do in Moscow!
Hotel Ukraina, a 34-story skyscraper hotel that was commissioned by Stalin in 1947. A night at this 5-star hotel starts at 12,600₽.
One more glimpse of St. Basil’s.
Walking between the boat’s inside cabin and outdoor seating.
Tea time. 🙂
But it was so cold out there!
Храм Христа Спасителя.

Have you ever taken a river cruise in Russia? The only other cruise I’ve been on was the Volga (not Volga) Cruise. That was an okay trip although I spent part of it asleep. Someday I hope to take a trip on the Lena River to see Yakutia’s Lena Pillars. What about you?

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  1. Donna
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    People say the Lena Pillars cruise is fun! Someday I would love to take a Lena River cruise up to Tiksi, or maybe the passenger ferry, which is a much cheaper way to go. But it means planning ahead and getting a special border permit; so far it hasn’t fit into my summer schedule..

    • Katherine
      | Reply

      Didn’t you take a winter hike at the Lena Pillars once? I seem to remember seeing some cool photos of that on your blog. Super curious about the process for getting a special border permit. Hopefully you’ll have the chance to make that trip one of these summers! 🙂

      • Donna

        That’s right, I’ve been to Lena Pillars a few times now, but always on day trips by bus/car and motorboat (in the summer). Most of the cruises are 2 (or 3?) days and I’ve heard they are often party cruises, so either super fun or annoying depending on what you want and who’s there..
        The border permits are fairly easy to get if you go through an agency, or if you take one of the fancy river cruises. To get it independently I was told it takes a couple months, but I imagine most people are approved.

  2. Luda
    | Reply

    Haha, I chuckled at the Mercedes Benz / yellow Lays juxtaposition 😁 It looks like a fun cruise!!

    P.S. – I can’t believe Зарядье park is only number 140! It’s such a nice place with amazing views and definitely deserves to be higher 😳

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