New Year’s Russian with Presidents

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С новым годом! Welcome to 2017! 😀

Over the holidays, I made a bowl of mayonnaise New Year’s salad called «мой генерал»

Also, tried the old Slavic tradition of Not Smiling. It was hard.


I made a few other things for the holiday table and wrote about them here. (Have you ever searched for things in Russian on Pinterest? It’s wonderful!!)


On New Year’s Eve, my husband and I popped open the champagne and watched the speeches. We pretty much watched everyone who spoke Russian, then everyone who spoke nearby languages, and then even dug into some old новогоднее обращения, New Year’s addresses. All the addresses have a similar component- we’re working hard! things are getting better! we’re strong! we’re  right!- but whoa, political insinuations were flying all over the place in some of the videos.


Russian-language Addresses


The ISS cosmonauts


The President of Russia


The President of Belarus

This one was my favorite- he said some interesting things: то же время мы, люди в погонах, знаем: порох надо держать сухим, At the same time, those in uniforms know that we must keep our powder dry, and Обращаюсь к нашим дорогим женщинам – рожайте!, I appeal to our dear women- have children! He also looks *exactly* like one of my husband’s relatives, haha.


The President of Uzbekistan


The Head of the Crimean Republic


The Head of the Chechen Republic


The Leader of the Donetsk People’s Republic


The Leader of the Lugansk People’s Republic


Other Interesting Languages


The President of Ukraine

Poroshenko starts his address at 3:10 (and there’s even a sign language interpreter on the screen. Good move, Ukraine!)


The President of Kazakhstan


The President of Tajikistan


The President of Kyrgyzstan


The (brand new) President of Moldova


Old-School Stuff


Boris Yeltsin + Putin in 2000


Gorbachev in 1989


Brezhnev in 1971


By the way, better grab 2 bottles of champagne if you want to make it all the way through so many videos 😉


How did you spend Новый год? Did you watch any новогоднее обращения?

Пусть 2017 год будет для всех нас позитивным, успешным, и мирным!

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  1. Lyttenburgh
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    “The Head of the Chechnyan Republic”

    No. It’s either “the Chechen Republic” or “Chechnya”. What you did here is the equivalent of saying “Irelandyan” instead of “Irish”.

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