One rainy day in Kazan

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Welcome to Kazan, a city that has existed for over one thousand years.

It’s the 6th largest city in Russia and a ninety-minute flight from Moscow. It’s also a short drive from one of the country’s newest silicon valleys.

Here’s a peek at a very short day trip we took to Kazan last fall…

Passing through an industrial area on the way into town.
Arrived! So good to get out after a night on the train.
Arrival terminal at the Kazan train station.
Downtown Kazan.
It’s common to see Tatar language on the streets.
Bauman street = one-stop shopping for all kinds of souvenirs.
Rainy afternoon on Bauman street.
From Wikipedia: “The city’s population consists mostly of ethnic Tatars (47.6%) and ethnic Russians (48.6%).’
Kazan’s Kremlin.
Double-decker bus tour through the city.
I would love to live here!
Lots of new construction going on.
The Millennium Bridge.
If you get married in Kazan, this is where you’ll end up. (Here is what it looks like up close.)
You could easily spend an entire day here just touring cathedrals and mosques!
Annunciation Cathedral.
@ my favorite Tatar restaurant in Kazan. Eggplant rolls, plov, and chak chak = 🙂
One more stop at the Kazan Kremlin before catching a late-night train back to Yekaterinburg, arriving at 3:45 PM the next day.
Пока, Kazan!

If you were visiting Russia, would you take a day trip to Kazan or would you pick a different city? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Abramo Burnardo
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    Lovely photos. If I travelled to RU, my town would be Yekaterinburg, to visit the new Cathedral on the Blood, built over the ground where the Romanovs were martyred, and to visit Ganina Yama, where they were first buried and where today a monastery stands surrounding the grave of the royal family.

    • Katherine
      | Reply

      Hi Abramo! That sounds like a wonderful travel plan 🙂 🙂 🙂 We visited Yekaterinburg the day before Kazan and saw the incredible and somber Cathedral on the Blood. I didn’t realize Ganina Yama was open to visitors – would be really interesting to go there and view the monastery.

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