Russian Roundup – July 2019
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I had high hopes for this month. On July 1st, I told myself, “I’ll do a bunch of Russian word searches!” I did two. “I’ll finish my Russian song book!” I copied the lyrics for three songs and never opened … Read More

Russian Roundup – June 2019
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This was that month, the month where the hot water gets turned off for 2 weeks. I gave up and bought a кипятильник. It takes about 90 minutes before the water really gets warm but it’s worth the wait. 🙂 … Read More

Russian Roundup – May 2019
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Some photos from this past month: Not much time for studying this month (surprise, surprise) but I did come across several interesting links… Что нового Useful Russian vocab for talking about LOTR, GoT, and Harry Potter. Learning Russian à la … Read More

Russian Roundup – April 2019
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It’s been a strange month. My husband’s mom was rushed into emergency surgery and my husband left Russia to help her recover. (She’s doing well now!) At the same time, I slipped on the ice and ended up with a … Read More

Russian Roundup – March 2019
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For this month’s trashy TV show, I watched an episode of Давай поженимся! (Let’s Get Married!) that featured an American man looking for his second Russian wife, requesting that she “look like a stripper”. 🤣 But it was interesting to … Read More

Russian Roundup – February 2019
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This month I watched a short telenovela called Минус один. Next up? Reading a sample of The Anna Karenina Fix: Life Lessons from Russian Literature. We’re also getting ready to mail a box of souvenirs to some friends in Oregon… … Read More

Russian Roundup – January 2019
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What’s new this month? On the recommendation of a student, my husband and I watched a kitschy/cute 1964 Soviet film called Морозка. The same student had previously recommended the TV show Достоевский but we couldn’t get into that. Another student … Read More

Russian Roundup – December 2018
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No time for studying Russian this month, although I’m still keeping track of new words in a notebook. The past week has been full of English tests, sweets from students, and ice-lined eyelashes (-30C was enough for public schools to … Read More

Russian Roundup – October 2018
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  How was your October? This month was a welcome turning point… we’re finally settling into a new routine of where to buy food, how to get around town, and all the little details that come up when you’re in … Read More

Russian Roundup – September 2018
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Hello, fall! The temperature is dropping already but we got in a few good walks on warm, sunny weekends. I’ve been sharing my fall photos here. Also this month: Chelyabinsk is currently two weeks into a garbage strike (see photos). … Read More

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