Russian Roundup – October 2020
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This month my husband and I watched an episode of Лучше, чем люди, a popular TV show about motherhood, robots, and bitter divorce. The verdict? Eh, that first episode was enough. Also, we finally saw the Disney film Последний богатырь. … Read More

Russian Roundup – September 2020
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Привет! This month I watched a fun movie called Самая обаятельная и привлекательная. It’s from 1985 so it doesn’t feel quite as dated as other Soviet films. The plot centers around a young office worker trying to snag a husband. … Read More

Russian Roundup – August 2020
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To the roundup! Что прочитать summer on the taiga modern Russian novels: what to read как сакзать: to block out a thought/noise? как сакзать: to be smitten with someone? как сакзать: finders keepers losers weepers? скороговорки на букву Л / … Read More

Russian Roundup – July 2020
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This month: I went to the eye doctor for an exam + new lenses. This guide – Очки и окулисты – Glasses and Eye Doctors – was super helpful. Whyyyy is charcoal ice cream a thing? Note to self: do … Read More

Russian Roundup – June 2020
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This month we watched a 2019 sci-fi war movie called Аванпост and one episode of a Ukrainian comedy called Однажды в Одессе. I started meeting weekly with a Russian tutor on italki and ordered a new Russian day planner. And … Read More

Russian Roundup – May 2020
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Two days until summer! The parks reopened last Sunday and now we’re allowed outside for walks and exercise. Tbh, there were plenty of people doing it before but now there isn’t a risk of getting fined. The new thing: masks. … Read More

Russian Roundup – April 2020
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In local news: Aeroflot has closed international ticket sales until August the streets here are being disinfected using a converted jet engine McDonalds and Burger King are offering free meals to Chelyabinsk medics the metropolitan archibishop and several other church … Read More

Russian Roundup – March 2020
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I hope you are okay. I mean, you’re probably not feeling okay at all right now but I hope you and your loved ones are healthy. If you have to leave home to work, I hope you have access to … Read More

Russian Roundup – February 2020
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It’s holiday season again in Russia. It started with a commercial nod to Valentine’s Day (“подари ей цветы!”) in all the local florist shops. Then came Defender of the Fatherland Day on Feb. 23, where presents range from a can … Read More

Russian Roundup – January 2020
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January felt like a good month for learning Russian! This year we took part in a legit Крещение celebration, the kind that has a village priest standing on ice at night, reading aloud from the Bible, with a choir singing behind … Read More

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