Russian Roundup – December 2017
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It’s almost time for another Новый год! 😀 How will you celebrate?   In the meantime, here’s your quick Russian roundup for December… 5 interesting links for Russian learners Looking for a travelogue to add to your 2018 reading list? Review: … Read More

Russian Roundup – November 2017
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Look what I found in the middle of an old sci-fi book! November was a lot like this… long stretches of regular life stuff and then bam! something totally random in Russian, usually a translation task. This month I had … Read More

Russian Roundup – October 2017
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This month I have just one link for you, but it’s a great one! If you find yourself stuck inside on a rainy weekend or taking a sick day, here’s your next show to bingewatch: Бедные люди. I don’t think … Read More

Russian Roundup – September 2017
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Even though I didn’t set any language goals for September, it was still a decent month for learning Russian. I worked on 6 translations, including several for a new agency. Елена Н. called me on Skype 7 times, so that … Read More

Russian Roundup – August 2017
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August fried my brain, you guys. I don’t know what happened. Maybe I looked too long at the eclipse? My thinking is as hazy as the skies here (lots of local wildfires). Most of the language stuff I did this … Read More

Russian Roundup – July 2017
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Привет Август! Hello August! This month I’m joining up again with the cool language learners in the #ClearTheList community, like Lindsay (Lindsay Does Languages), Shannon (Eurolinguiste), Kris (Actual Fluency), and Angel (French Lover). If you have a language blog and … Read More

Russian Roundup – June 2017
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How did you do with your language goals in June? Did you finish everything you wanted to? Are you where you hoped you’d be halfway through the year? I’m changing up some of my study habits this summer. My husband … Read More

Russian Roundup- May 2017
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How do you usually feel as a new month approaches? Are you excited and ready to improve your Russian… and then life gets in the way? Here’s a little insurance you can take out- sign up for my monthly newsletter and … Read More

Russian Roundup- April 2017
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April was a really good month for learning Russian! One weekend, my husband and I went to a tulip festival that was packed with people and languages. We heard lots of Russian speakers there and even met some in the parking … Read More

Russian Roundup- March 2016
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  Wait just a minute. Before you get into this post, tell me- как прошёл твой день? If today has been a rather long day for you, here’s an idea:   On to the post!   Что нового The One Word … Read More

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