Russian Roundup – November 2016
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  My heart got back into language learning this month! For the first two weeks of the month, I was in Nicaragua, where cops drive Ladas and there’s more going on with Russia than you might think, like this new … Read More

Russian Roundup – October 2016
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November, ура! Here are some interesting finds from October- hope you enjoy them!   Read Писательница Агата Кристи: о путешествиях, поездах и большом счастье. Иностранка в русском аду. (Or, the unpleasant experience of an Icelander in a Russian hospital.) Can you tell … Read More

Russian Roundup- September 2016
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Happy end-of-September! 🙂 This month I worked on two consistent habits in the name of Russian studies. The first: speaking Russian every day with my husband. Most days it’s a tiny interaction, but once we kept up a conversation while walking … Read More

Russian Roundup- August 2016
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It’s almost fall and I’m super excited! Here’s my tentative plan for the season: There will be long rainy days. On some of those long rainy days I will stay home and study Russian. Is this realistic? Don’t know. But … Read More

Russian Roundup- July 2016
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  My mind is so mixed up with languages and grammar right now… or perhaps I should say, в голове каша. All this studying and it seems like my Russian sucks more than ever. Now I’m hyper aware of all … Read More

Russian Roundup- June 2016
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  In just a few days, classes will start in the summer Russian Language program at Nizhny Novgorod!! You can read more about it here. I’ll try to blog a few times during July with new words and funny stories. … Read More

Russian roundup- May 2016
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  Hooray, almost summer! It’s supposed to be 90 F / 32 C today here in Portland. By the way, I’m four months into this “get used to Celsius” experiment and it’s finally starting to sink in. Just in time … Read More

Russian Roundup- April 2016
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This is totally crazy, but I’m trying to get a visa to study in a Russian language school this summer. If all goes well, I’ll share more about it here. In the meantime, it’s been delightful to get reacquainted with … Read More

Russian Roundup- March 2016
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Overall this March was a language-learning slowdown. It started off strong- meetups, relatives, a new book- and then…. nothing. Last month’s Russian gaming company (passed that test, hooray!) inquired about a project to translate 1200 words in rhyme. Ughhhhhhh….. I … Read More

Russian Roundup- February 2016
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  As short and gloomy as February is, this turned out to to be a super-productive month when it came to studying!!   Here are 6 things that I did in the past few weeks to work on Russian:   … Read More

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