Russian Roundup- January 2016
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Happy end of January! 🙂 If you haven’t outlined your language goals for 2016 yet, here’s a good idea: The One-Page Language Plan. I’d come up with a semi-official ‘Russian Study Plan’ in November (below) and then got distracted in … Read More

Russian Roundup- December 2015
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  Can you believe the new year is just a few days away? Russia is filled with scenes like this one… 😉   Since you’re probably busy making plans for the new year, this month’s roundup is super-short:   Looking … Read More

Russian Roundup- November 2015
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  Despite November’s frantic time-to-start-holidaying-EVERYTHING feel, my efforts returned to Russian this month. Finally! 🙂   D and I watched a новогодний мюзикл called Новые приключения Аладдина (The New Adventures of Aladdin) that featured all the bigwigs of entertainment: Verka … Read More

Russian Roundup – October 2015
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There’s been a trend going on this month, a no-Russian trend 🙁 Unless… does eating борщ count? Because if so, then it’s all good! We’re all fall leaves and huge pots of borsch around here.     I did get … Read More

Russian Roundup- September 2015
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  Мне так стыдно- I didn’t study Russian at all this month. Did you? There’s only one solution for this: let’s just wait for October to start 😉   In the meantime, I’m pretty sure these videos at least count … Read More

Russian Roundup- August 2015
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  Honestly, Russian hasn’t been on my mind much this month. I’m currently studying in a Spanish immersion school, so my brain is trying to dredge up verbs en español instead of по-русский. Playing Cards Against Humanity was pretty much … Read More

Russian Roundup- July 2015
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Happy end of the month! 🙂 Was July a good month for your language learning efforts? I got some learning in, like going to this Russian dinner party (discovered there that Зоя is a common name for a female goat … Read More

Russian Roundup- June 2015
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Happy end of June!! : ) Did you set any New Year’s resolutions earlier this year? Are you halfway to the goal? I skipped out on January New Year’s goals so now I’m setting some Not-So-New Year goals instead, like … Read More

Russian Roundup- May 2015
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I’ve been a bit under the weather this month and trying to follow all the ideas in the picture above. The internet has also been a good distraction- here’s the best of what I found this month!   Looking for … Read More

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  My свекровь came to visit us this month. It was kind of exciting, because she speaks Russian. It was also kind of depressing, because her favorite topic is how incredibly much she wants to speak English but… [insert one of several … Read More

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