Rainy fall day in Yekaterinburg

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November 2018.

Colorful apartments near the train station. It was a 6-hour train trip from Chelyabinsk to Yekaterinburg (slooow train, driving takes about 3 hours). See what the countryside looked like here.
Made it!
Yekaterinburg train platform.
Walking into the city.
Railroad district.
I love fall in Russia so much!
The somber Храм на Крови, Church on Blood, built on the site where the Romanovs were murdered.
During the USSR, the city’s name was changed to Sverdlovsk (1924-1991).
Walkway around the lake.
It sure looks like a lake but it’s actually called городской пруд (City Pond).
This amazing structure is Дом Н.И. Севастьянова (Sevastyanov House). Here’s a FANTASTIC short read on this building… and why its creator was ordered to wear iron boots to church!
Lots of new restaurants have opened in Chelyabinsk this past year but no Ural city can compete with Yekaterinburg. If I lived here, I would spend all my time in restaurants and walking around the city. 😆
Continuing our walk around the “pond”.
The very tall building on the left is a 52-story skyscraper called Башня «Исеть» (Iset Tower).
To the man we startled here, I’m sorry. We saw you walking around in the cold weather in a baseball cap and figured out you were a foreigner but I think we totally freaked you out by starting a conversation in English. 😂
This beautiful building is Yekaterinburg’s City Administration. It’s across the street from the Lenin Monument and next to a huge upscale mall called Пассаж.
Sevastyanov House is directly across the lake, in front of the Высоцкий business center (skyscraper).
From left to right: city government building, Sverdlovsk Legislative Assembly, the 5-star Hyatt Regency, and the Iset Tower.
Yekaterinburg at dusk. 😍
Outside the famous Yeltsin Center. See the interior here.
The Iset Tower is the tallest building in Yekaterinburg and the 16th tallest building in Russia. If you happen to have 20-60(!) million rubles sitting around, you could buy an apartment here.
Yekaterinburg at night.
Inside a Yekaterinburg metro station, heading back to the train station. (Because of the work visa situation, we were discouraged from staying overnight in other cities but sleeping on a train circumvented this.)

Have you been to Yekaterinburg? What were your impressions of the city?

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